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If you are looking for a channel to support your child’s learning at home, enroll with CHERUB’S CRADLE. A Platform to fulfill your child’s developmental milestones with in depth guidance and support.

Cherub’s Cradle is a uniquely curated school with the motto – EXPLORE, ENJOY, EXPERIENCE. Based on the simple idea of “Learning must open all senses to receive knowledge”. A preschool ensuring that its program ensures comprehensive learning objectives and has a structured way to achieve these goals in the child considering that every child is special, different and an individual in his/her own right.

PRINCIPAL: Mrs. Shalini Johari 

  • 3 decades of total experience in the Education Sector
  • A decade of experience as a Principal
  • 6 successful years at Cherub’s Cradle as Founder Principal

As educators, we know that 2-6 years of age is a very crucial phase for any child. As soon as the child turns 2, his five senses become his best teachers and everything is registered as permanent learning. Very few people are aware that at this stage, their brains are NOT ready for Academics but ready for Learning. Montessori system is based on this very important fact. This age bracket is the best time to develop those skills in a child which helps the child in academics later, and not for focussing on academics itself.

The current scenario during COVID times has forced these tiny and naturally social beings to remain isolated in the four walls of their home with only 3-4 beings to interact. This has affected them emotionally, mentally and physically. Hence there is this dire need to introduce a Holistic Home Schooling Program to them where they continue to grow. No two children are the same and what type of an adult a child will turn out to be, depends on the seeds sown during 2-6 years of age.

Happy Home Learning Program (Age: 3-6 yrs)

Happy Home Learning Program

Parent Led Home schooling program

Happy home Learning is a ‘No stress’ teaching guide for parents who want their child to continue with their learning and development even in these times of uncertainty.

Monthly Activity Planner

A detailed monthly plan with curriculum and schedule to be followed for the ease of parents is provided.

Practivity box

Created by our learning partner, Kreedo Enterprises, the box contains beautifully designed set of toys and games with clear learning outcomes that are achieved through Activity Based Learning (ABL).

One live session per month

Dance, storytelling, show and tell, music and movement, game time and many more such interactive live sessions where the child gets to interact with the teachers as well as other students of his/her age, thereby working on the social needs of the child.

Equip the parents

We know that parents are not equipped with the skills of a Montessori teacher and just having the material and books is not enough. This is where Cherub’s Cradle brings its expertise by empathetic handholding of the parents and guiding them at every step through regular sessions and video aids.

Weekly yoga videos by in house Yoga guru

In these trying times, mental as well as physical health is of utmost importance and while we are trying to provide the best education to kids at home, we cannot ignore these parallel developmental activities.

Continue the quality education

A long break in your child’s crucial early education phase may prove to be regressive. Help your child in continuing to grow and have access to quality education within the safety of your four walls while they get ready for the school when normalcy kicks in.

Progress Report and completion certificate

Regular reports indicate the child’s progress. After the completion of the term, the child gets a completion certificate from Cherub’s Cradle

Minimal screen time & no online classes

The program’s design is such that it is fun to learn and every parent guides the child personally with the help of the given material and training, thereby minimizing the screen time.

Productive time with the kids

While the lockdown has disturbed our lives to a great extent, it has also given us a chance to spend more time with our family, especially kids. You as a parent want to spend quality time with your kids and be involved with their development in a fun way, and that is exactly what is kept in mind while designing this program.

Future support for admissions in K-2 schools in Gurugram

Subscription Includes

Practivity Box

Created by our learning partner, KREEDO ENTERPRISES, the box contains beautifully designed set of toys and games with clear learning outcomes that are achieved through Activity Based Learning (ABL). The games and activities cover skill sets in the following learning areas:

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Book Set

A set of 12 Kreedo curriculum books with high quality content for children. These books cover skills in the following areas of learning:

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3


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